Third Tour of Magical, Mystical Egypt

February 19-March 3 -2012
Everyone Welcome!

Egypt Tour #3

Hello Egypt, Here We Come, Again!
It was so nice to escape -28 C for two weeks in February-09 and get immersed in Cairo, so full of life, friendly Egyptians and yes-Chaos! And to soak up the history and mystery of mankind during our 4 day Deluxe Cruise on the Nile to the words best preserved places! This time we have added a tour accross the desert and one night optional sleepover in the desert. Possibly visiting Siwa Oasis, if there is interest. This time we are going to explore more neighbourhoods on foot, drink tea at local ahwas, experience the music of zar, go where the tourist busses are not going to take you, mingle with the locals more. Egypt is an exciting blend of contrasts: Where else can you see the most voluptuous belly dancer dancing in a tiny costume, and her singer fully covered in black, wide abaya, not even a strand of her hair showing, and both be equally accepted and sharing the same stage.

Contact Satu for detailed itinerary and payment details.


A Cultural holiday and two weeks of fun for a better price than most 10 day tours! All must-see sights included: The Pyramids, Egyptian Museum with famous mummy of Tutankhamon, Full tour of Islamic and Coptic Cairo, Four Day 5 * Deluxe Nile Cruise with all the sights in Aswan, Luxor and along the Nile. Belly Dancers and Arabic orchestra (Including Dina) Ride to the desert on Camels, Trip into the desert and optional overnight sleepover. Then there is Luxor Market and the World Famous Khan El Khalili Bazar! To top this all off, we will have a three day workshop with a top Egyptian dance teacher. Last workshop was with Outi of Cairo, who is a dancer at a boat Nile Pharaoh, and during the first tour we had a workshop with my Egyptian teacher: Mohamed El Hosseny from legendary Reda Troupe. A drum workshop is going to be offered with a top Egyptian drummer.


  • 7 nights lodging at a 5-star Deluxe Downtown Cairo Hotel or 3-star Down town Cairo Hotel in doubles.
  • 2 nights Deluxe Sleeping train
  • 3 nights 4 days 5-star Deluxe Nile Cruise boat
  • Tour across the desert, and a sleepover under the stars (you can opt out also)
  • Top Dinner cruise with a belly dancer
  • Visit to the top costumiers, to have a custom belly dance costume made.
  • Breakfast and Dinner Daily, all meals on Cruise
  • Full time English speaking tour guide
  • Services of long distance deluxe motorcoach as appear on itinerary
  • All guides, entrances and transportation as appear on itinerary
  • Egypt visa (Currently $20 US)

Egypt Tour 2008


Satu, Thank you, thank you, thank you, words alone cannot say how pleased, how wonderful it was to include me in this group. Thank you again for all the organizing, arranging and re-arranging you did.
Lorna Loveday (Thunder Bay) Feb. 14-08

Fantastic trip. Your hard work to make this happen is greatly appreciated. To many more adventures!!
Cydney Chezick (Thunder Bay) Feb. 14-08

Shukran for making this experience possible for me! Blessings of 1000 gods to you!
Connie Brogan (Thunder Bay) Feb. 14-08

What an amazing adventure to share with a wonderful group of new friends!
Dharlene Britt (Thunder Bay) Feb. 14-08

OK, now we are going to go here, then there!! Thank you Satu for taking me with the group!
Eric Todd (Thunder Bay) Feb. 14-08

Thank You Satu so much for arranging this trip!
Carissa Isaac (Thunder Bay) Feb. 14-08

Smiling silver gentry greeting us from from a train station is a memory I'll never forget!
John M Britt (Thunder Bay) Feb. 14-08

Take a look at the pictures from our four day dance workshop in Cairo on February -08 from Mohamed El Hosseny's Website. There are also pictures from our trip to Suez and some of us dancing with El Hosseny's Simsimyya folkloric band.More pictures to come.
Mohamed El Hosseny