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Bellydance supports your health, fitness and increases flexibility and also transforms the lives! Quite a few previously non-dancing women are still dancing in some form today of those who started belly dancing in our first two years in 2003-4. Whatever your reasons are for learning this ancient dance form, it is easier to attain your goals while having fun! We work hard in class but we also share many laughs in the process.

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Still time to Register for a Winter Session 2014 for Belly-Dance and Middle-Eastern Drumming.

Classes start on Mondays Jan 20. 10 week course Tuition $99

Basic Belly Dance 5:45-6:45 PM with Marcia
(10 years of Belly Dance training and performing experience).

This class will take you from basic isolations to more complex moves and helps you to find the natural flow of these movements in your body. We will work with many kinds of Middle-Eastern music from pop to classical, and complete one choreography.

Intermed/Adv. Belly Dance 7:00-8:00 PM with Satu
(teaching training and performing for 13 years. Bringing in her Egyptian Experience - 11 study tours, one lasting 8 months).

In this class we are going to learn a 6 min. Drum Solo choreo choreographed by Satu to live drumming or a CD. Advanced dancers have an option to learn to play the finger cymbals.

Middle-Eastern Drumming on Thursdays 7:15 PM Beginner, 8 PM Intermediate - Starting on Jan 23.

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Class Schedule

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