Shanthi Om Yoga

Shanthi Om YogaWhat is Yoga? Yoga means "union", and is a complete system that balances, harmonizes, purifies, and strengthens the Body, Mind, and Soul of the practitioner. The physical aspect of yoga is what is most commonly referred to as yoga, and unlike other forms of exercise, has incredible benefits for the entire physical body, including muscular, connective tissue, organ, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems. Yoga is beneficial for all ages and abilities - do not worry if you cannot touch your toes! A yoga practice is non-competitive: a practice of feeling and accepting where we are in our bodies, recognizing that every day is different, even as we deepen our practice and once-difficult postures become relaxing and joyful.

Class Descriptions

Class and Registration times and updates are on the schedule, which can be found at the bottom of the schedule page

Intro Yoga - The ideal first class for a complete beginner, gently guides you into the correct postures with lots of time for teacher's assistance.

Beginner Yoga - Another option for a first yoga class series, and a good 2nd class option to add to "Intro Yoga". Beginner Yoga follows the active flow of a basic hatha yoga class, gradually introducing more challenging postures as the class develops, but can be less or more challenging according to your own choice.

Shanthi and Swami GovindanadaInter./Adv. Yoga - A class for students who have enough experience with yoga that they are comfortable with holding postures for longer, with the option of trying advanced postures.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Vinyasa flow yoga is a style of hatha yoga where the poses are linked with the breath and flow together with a dance like quality. Continuous flow and mind-body awareness create physical and mental strength and flexibility. Classes generally include breath work, yoga philosophy and a continuous sequence of sun salutations. Vinyasa sequences that open and activate energy flow throughout your body. A great workout that feels good during and after!

Ashtanga Flow Yoga - both a relaxing and invigorating class. Focus is on breath work, this renders the practice meditative, yet the poses are challenging. The aim is to develop strength and flexibility while cultivating peace of mind.  All levels are welcome.  

Swami Govindanada

The Move - Movers, shakers, jumpers, jigglers all share the floor for silent, joyful, free movement experience to a soundtrack prepared by different "DJs" each month. Community class, by donation, all beings welcome!

Kirtan / Meditation - Part of the Bhakti Yoga tradition, kirtan is an opportunity to free your voice with sacred song and chants. Many of the chants are from the Indian tradition, and devotional music from Amerindian, Celtic, Christian, and other spiritual traditions are welcomed and encouraged! Bring your voice, a song, an instrument, your self.

Register for yoga classes by calling (807) 344-2621.

Our Teachers

Sarah Sarah

Sarah has been practicing various styles of yoga for over 15 years. She started taking yoga because of her love of movement which stemmed from a background in dance. Sarah did her yoga teacher training in the Vinyasa Flow style in Massachusetts in 2009 and has been teaching yoga in Thunder Bay ever since. The Vinyasa Flow style was a natural fit because of its dance like quality where movements flow with the breath. Sarah is a physiotherapist and enjoys incorporating a knowledge of human anatomy and an interest in yoga therapy into her classes. She believes yoga can be very healing because it allows us to learn and discover ourselves by bringing mindfulness and acceptance to our experience on and off the mat.

Kathryn: Teaching Ashtanga Flow Yoga

Shanthi Minor

Shanthi is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher with Sivanada Yoga KathrynVedanta Center, completing her teacher training course in Madurai, India with Swami Govindananda. At Shanthi Om, she teaches Intro to Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Inter./Adv Yoga, Senior's Yoga, Open Yoga, and Gentle Hatha Yoga, Yogadance, and Yogaflow.

Shanthi embraces yoga as a way of life, and has spent many wonderful winters in India studying with her teachers: Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (aka Amma, Amritapuri Ashram, Kerala), Swami Govindanada (Sivananda ashram, Madurai), and Swami Dharmananda (Ved Niketan ashram, Rishikesh). Other courses completed include Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (IAM), and an Advanced Yoga Study Course with Swami Dharmananda.

In addition to the physical practice of yoga, Shanthi is a musician with a passion for devotional music of the Bhakti and Naad Yoga traditions, which everyone is welcome to be part of at Kirtan.